Kitsap Forest Adventure Camp Testimonials

Comments from campers and parents:

“He has loved every day he’s been there. He has communicated more about his day than he ever has. He sings the songs on the way home that he learned that day and tells all sorts of stories about his day.”

 “She shared how much fun she was having – loving the outdoors! She came home talking about treasures, games, Big Tree, identifying plants and singing new songs”

 “First day of camp my son said: ‘It wasn’t good . . . it was awesome!!!!’ We wished we had signed up for two weeks. Please offer more weeks next year!”

“She loved it. Wanted to know this morning – on her last day – whether or not she had already been signed up for next year. My kid is acting like a 7 year old all week, instead of a teenager.”

“First day (of Week 2): “Can I go again next week”?

Is the Friday Family Dinner/Overnight a worthwhile addition to camp?

“It was relaxing and wonderful. It was the first time we had camped with our three kids (ages 4, 7, 9). It was a good way to get back into it. Before the little ones I had backpacked extensively. It made us decide to rejoin The Mountaineers Club. I was a member before the kids. Also, we want to help out with the theater”.

“Yes, absolutely. The kids were so proud of showing us what they discovered and they kept exploring – they really know their forest well.”

“Yes! Helped us understand what our daughter did all week and meet her friends and counselors.”

“Great to allow camper to share experience with family and also an easy camping adventure for the family. This place seems to be all about community and the overnight allows that to carry over into the camp.”

“Yes, exceptionally so!!! We loved it. Great food and campfire and interaction with our daughter and the other families.”

“Absolutely – It was great to meet the other families, first, but also wonderful to have our daughter show us where and what she had been doing all week. Nice opportunity to let the kids play together without too much structure or time frames.”

“Yes, the best part for us!”

“Yes!! Great way to end the camp for the whole family to enjoy.”

Additional Comments:

       “Thanks for a great two weeks – she will always remember this! Love you guys!”

“Wonderful way for kids to “unplug” and get in touch with nature – good simple fun. Thank you and bravo for creating such a great camp.”

“Keep increasing the age range over the years so my daughter can keep coming!”

Here is a video of Week 2 kids building a "beaver" dam.

Please see our Kitsap Forest Adventure Camp facebook photo page and our photo gallery for many more photos.

Kitsap Forest Adventure Camp