KFAC Registered Camper Page

We are delighted that you have registered your camper for the Kitsap Forest Adventure Camp (KFAC).
For detailed camp information, including pick-up and drop-off info, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

 Please download the following forms to be completed and returned to the Camp Director:

KFAC Parent Welcome Packet (fillable)

The above packet contains the Welcome Letter and three forms for the registered camper's parent or legal guardian to complete, sign and return - they are fillable PDF forms that you can fill out online and then save and send back to the camp director. 

Here are the separate pages (not fillable):

KFAC Welcome Letter

KFAC Camper Info & Medical Form

KFAC Transportation Arrangements Form

KFAC Release, Waiver & Indemnity Agreement

The following Medication Forms, if needed, should be completed, signed and brought to the first day of camp:

Please list all medications you plan to have your child use at camp on the following forms (this includes sunscreen, vitamins, topical ointments, other non-prescription drugs, inhalers, epipens and other prescription drugs). Campers may not share medications (including sunscreen)

KFAC Medication Authorization Form

(include all self-administered/non-prescription drugs your child will have, including topical ointments and sunscreen)

KFAC Authorized Prescriber's Order for Medication Administration

(to be filled out by Doctor for every drug)

Please ensure that each medication is:

current (not expired)
labeled with your camper's first and last name
in its original prescription bottle and is prescribed to your child

KFAC Parent Info Week 1

KFAC Parent Info Week 2

Seattle Ferry Drop-Off & Pick-up Info 

Friday Family Fun Overnight Sign-Up Form (Both Weeks)  Fillable Form